Valentine's Day: British lovers 'will spend half as much as other Europeans'

Budget-conscious Britons are planning to spend half as much on Valentine's Day as those from other parts of Europe, research has found.

Research by Groupon has found people in the UK will spend just under £50 on their loved ones on Tuesday, while those in France, Italy and Spain are expected to spend on average £110.

People in Germany are expected to spend around £84.

The study also found 26% of UK couples considered themselves romantic, compared to 43% in Italy.

Flowers on display. Credit: PA

Some 70% in the UK are planning to buy a Valentines gift for their loved ones, but this figure increases significantly for those in Italy (91%) and France (83%).

Groupon questioned 8,000 people and found the most popular gift Britons would like to receive on the day is a romantic dinner, followed by something sentimental to both people in the relationship and an experience - such as a day out or trip somewhere.

  • The average amount of money people are expected to spend on Valentine's Day:

  • Spain: £111.08

  • France: £107.33

  • Italy: £107.30

  • Germany: £83.77

  • UK: £49.64