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Footage shows Spanish mother giving birth to twins at 64

The 64-year-old had her baby delivered at Spain's Recoletas Hospital after fertility treatment in the US. Credit:

A 64-year-old woman has given birth to twins in northern Spain - with footage of the successful delivery released by the hospital.

The boy and girl were delivered by Caesarean section at the Recoletas Hospital in Burgos.

The hospital said they were in "perfect health" as it posted a video clip of the births, which came after the mother-of-one underwent fertility treatment in the US.

Warning: The footage shows brief graphic shots of surgery.

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Recoletas Hospital said it had delivered the woman's first baby six years ago.

El Pais reported the girl was later taken in by social services after being poorly cared for by the woman from Burgos, who was referred to by the hospital as MIA.

The hospital said her latest delivery involved two gynecologists, two pediatricians, two midwives and the "entire nursing team".

One of the two children was seen in the footage after the successful birth. Credit:

Several women in their 60s have given birth in Spain in recent years, including a 67-year-old mother of twins in a Barcelona hospital in 2006.

Babies from several women in their 70s have also been recorded in India, while a 79-year-old Russian woman reportedly gave birth to a son in 2007.