Labour accuse Blair of having 'contempt for democracy' after Brexit speech

Labour have hit back at Tony Blair after he blamed an "absence of an Opposition" for facilitating Brexit. Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

Remember earlier Tony Blair blamed the ring-wing press and also the "absence of an Opposition" for facilitating Brexit.

The Labour Party has hit back - and I thought the response was going well until I read the line about "Davos leftism".

Now, I don't know for sure, but I bet if I stopped 100 people in the street in a Brexit-supporting part of England or Wales, none of them would tell me they voted to leave the EU because they were fed up with "13 years of Davos leftism."

Other than that small point, Labour's response to its former leader's speech is quite good.

Read for yourself:

No wonder we are still trying to recover from Tony Blair's legacy when he has such contempt for democracy. What he doesn't seem to realise is people voted Leave precisely because they felt let down by 13 years of the Davos leftism he is still trying to flog.

– Labour Party source