Protesters fill Barcelona streets demanding Spain 'take more refugees'

Credit: NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA

Thousands of people have marched through the streets of Barcelona to demand the Spanish government take in more refugees.

According to police some 160,000 protesters took to the streets holding banners written in Catalan with the slogans "Enough Excuses! Take Them In Now!" as they protested through the capital on Saturday in a public call for the country to accept more refugees from war-torn countries like Syria.

Organisers of the planned protest said the crowds swelled to around 300,000 participants during the march.

Ruben Wagensberg, the organiser of the protest, said: "There is an ample consensus in Catalonia to demand that the (government's) commitments are upheld."

Demonstrators questioned the small number of refugees Spain has accepted in the last two years Credit: AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti
Thousands joined the march, including Barcelona's Mayor Credit: APTN

In 2015, Spain's government pledged to bring 17,337 refugees in within two years from camps in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Libya.

According to reports the country has so far only accepted 1,100 refugees as part of their pledge.