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Malaga flash flooding causes chaos and destruction

A severe storm has caused flash flooding in the popular Spanish holiday resort of Malaga.

Residents awoke on Sunday to find their homes flooded, cars destroyed and businesses severely damaged.

Parts of roads were swept away and some roofs collapsed as a result of the huge volume of floodwater.

Emergency services say they dealt with over 200 incidents during the severe weather but there have been no reported injuries or fatalities.

Footage taken from a helicopter shows a road overtaken by fast-moving flood water. Credit: EBU

In some parts of the city on the Costa Del Sol, up to 130 litres per square metre of rainfall was recorded in just three hours overnight.

Footage of the extreme weather shows fast-moving, murky water running down roads, cars overturned on collapsed roads and property damaged by the flooding.

Spain's meteorological agency Aemet issued an orange weather alert - the second-highest alert level during the night which later reduced.

Footage and photos of the racing flood water was posted to Twitter.

One video shows an underground car park submerged in flood water.

Another video shows water gushing into a hotel with the user tweeting that they "can't wait to get back to a dry England".

Another user tweeted a video showing the water racing along the street with "still shocked and shaken" after the storm hit the city.