Brit Awards 2017: Late stars dominate ceremony

No surprise that David Bowie won at the Brits tonight, the show felt dominated by the stars that have died in the past year.

The George Michael tribute was very moving (though was it really necessary to have Chris Martin perform twice in the show?)

It was surprising not to see Grime acts win anything after all the talk of Grime music coming of age, but Skepta's performance was electrifying. Which is more than can be said for some.

Robbie Williams ended so suddenly he had to tell the audience the event had finished - we couldn't tell- but actually the show had finished 5 minutes early (pity they didn't use the extra time to properly award two of the international categories - only Drake got a proper look in).

Duncan Jones accepts an award on behalf of his father David Bowie Credit: PA

Katy Perry looked out of sorts during her performance. Thank goodness for Ed Sheeran and Stormzy, whose duet was the standout part of the night.

A strangely subdued event. Maybe it's because of the void left by the mighty acts who've sadly died in the past 12 months.