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'Lopsided' dog Picasso saved from euthanasia by rescue shelter

Picasso was abandoned by his owner Credit: Luvable Dog Rescue

A dog abandoned by a breeder because of his facial deformity, has been saved by a dog adoption service which rescues dogs on 'kill lists'.

Corgi pit bull mix Picasso and his brother Pablo were both rescued from an animal shelter where they were both on the euthanasia list.

They were dumped at the shelter after their breeder had difficulty selling them due to Picasso's lopsided face.

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Luvable Dog Rescue, which takes in dogs on euthanasia lists at animal shelters, said they initially planned to take just Picasso but found out his brother Pablo was also due to be destroyed.

"We couldn't leave the brother behind so we said we would take him too", the centre said on its Instagram account.

The rescue centre said that the 10-month-olds are "VERY sweet and VERY goofy", and that Picasso, despite his looks, is a "happy and healthy" dog.