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UK's first black female Lord Lieutenant makes history

Peaches Golding has made history as the UK's first black woman to hold the role of Lord Lieutenant.

The businesswoman will act as the Queen's representative in her home county of Bristol.

It's a particularly symbolic appointment as much of the city's past wealth came from the international slave trade.

And Ms Golding, who was born and raised in the US south under segregation, has a long family history in civil rights campaigning.

Her father, D-Day veteran Charles Howser was an early defender of black rights who took on a bus company after they tried to force him to sit at the back in South Carolina.

Ms Golding father Charles Howser campaigned for civil rights in the US. Credit: Golding family

He successfully sued the company in 1947 - eight years before Rosa Parks famously refused to give up her seat to a white woman.

Mr Howser was awarded £2,000 and told his daughter: "I gave some to the church and I bought a car so I won't gotta ride the bus again."

Ms Golding, who was give an OBE in 2009, is known for her active role in public service and will continue to serve the city in her new role.

She said the historic role was a dream come true, adding: "I am thrilled, I am honoured, I am extremely privileged."