Ellie Goulding is launching a campaign urging people to show support for action on climate change for this year's Earth Hour.

The singer has started the countdown to the 10th annual Earth Hour by urging people to raise awareness of the problem by taking to social media the hashtag #MakeClimateMatter.

Each year, for conservation charity WWF's Earth Hour, millions of people and major landmarks including Big Ben and Times Square in New York switch off their lights for an hour to highlight the action needed for the environment.

Goulding said she loves the natural world, and knowing it could be taken away from future generations "just makes me sad".

She added: "I first became really concerned about climate change after I became a vegetarian and started looking into the impact food production can have on the planet.

The singer is urging everyone to take to social media to highlight the issue. Credit: David Parry/PA Wire/PA Images

"I grew up in the countryside, I love the natural world, forests and mountains were my playground when I was young. Knowing that that could be taken away from my kids and their kids and future generations just makes me sad."

"I'm calling on everyone to support Earth Hour and share #MakeClimateMatter to show governments around the world that we have to act now before it's too late."

The charity said with one in six species of wildlife at risk of extinction due to climate change and 2016 breaking global temperature records, it hopes the campaign will prompt governments to act.

Naomi Hicks, head of public engagement at WWF, said: "Here in the UK we have the strong foundations for action, but now is the time to deliver on those commitments and protect our brilliant planet.

Earth Hour takes place from 8.30pm on Saturday March 25 this year.