Briton sentenced to six years in jail for fatal attack on Bali policeman

A British man has been sentenced to six years in jail for fatally attacking a traffic police officer on the Indonesian island of Bali.

David Taylor, 34, and his Australian girlfriend Sarah Connor, 45, were both imprisoned for the deadly beating on Wayan Sudarsa in August last year.

The trio had got into a heated row after the couple reportedly accused Mr Sudarsa of stealing Connor's handbag in the popular tourist region of Kuta.

The police officer's bloodied body was later found on the beach with wounds to his head and neck.

He had been struck with a blunt object and then left to die, his trial heard.

Australian Sarah Connor is expected to be sentenced later today. Credit: AP

DJ Mr Taylor had denied a charge of committing violence leading to death, which carries a maximum 12-year prison term under Indonesia's criminal code.

He admitted that he repeatedly hit the officer with a mobile phone, binoculars and a broken beer bottle, leaving him face down and unconscious. But he said he didn't realize Sudarsa would die.

He nodded as a translator told him the jail sentence.

Connor, for her part, said she had simply tried to break up the fight, but judges found she prevented Mr Sudarsa from defending herself.

She was jailed for four years in a separate hearing on Monday afternoon.