Meet the 10-year-old Afghan boy dubbed 'Little Picasso'

Meet the 10-year-old Afghan boy who has been dubbed "Little Picasso".

Farhad Nouri is stranded at a Serbian refugee with his parents and two younger brothers.

They hope to start a new life in Switzerland or America, but while they wait for visas to come through, it is Farhad's drawing that is getting him attention.

The youngster said art helps him cope with life in the squalid conditions.

And his talent for drawing the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, actress Angelina Jolie and tennis star Novak Djokovic is clear to see.

Farhad with the portrait he did of Angela Merkel. Credit: AP
His depiction of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. Credit: AP
Farhad with his drawing of Spanish artists Salvador Dali. Credit: AP

Farhad, who says he learned to draw by watching YouTube videos, has since become something of a local celebrity.

"I teach myself. I must be a painter, in my mind, I must be a painter," he said.

And "one day" he hopes to draw his hero - his favourite artist Pablo Picasso.

Narhad hopes to start a new life in Switzerland or the US and one day become a painter. Credit: AP

Recalling his journey so far, he said: "I was in Turkey, I was in Greece.

"Here at the camp I like my painting, I like drawing my feelings and faces."

He also likes to draw portraits of his friends and family, fairytale castles, nature or anything else that comes to mind.

But for now, he hopes his family is moving a step closer to starting a new life elsewhere.

He has urged US President Donald Trump to be more welcoming to refugees.

Speaking in English, which he has learned in the last year since he fled his war-torn homeland, he added: "Merkel can maybe do something to open the border."