Grot Spot Britain: Unusual items found in our canals

unusual rubbish Credit: Jill Jennings

Britain's fly-tipping epidemic has extended from cities and the countryside to the nation's waterways.

In a series of reports, ITV News has investigated the scale of the fly-tipping epidemic, published your fly-tipping photos and exposed the damage of dumping in canals and rivers.

In the Canals and River Trust's appeal for help, they have revealed some of the most bizarre objects people have thrown into their local canals and rivers:

  • Unexploded World War 2 hand grenade

  • 16ft dead python

  • Golf buggies

  • Pizza delivery bike complete with soggy pizza

  • Blow-up doll

  • Opened safes

  • Motorbikes

  • Hearing aid

  • Guns and a bag of bullets

  • Cars

A bicycle, umbrella and traffic cone in Manchester's Rochdale canal. Credit: Jill Jennings

It costs the Canal and River Trust around £1 million each each year to clear the rubbish, funds that could be spent on improving wildlife habitats and ensuring the waterways are navigable for boaters.