Bear Grylls: I missed out on real-life skills as a child

Adventurer Bear Grylls may be able to take on any practical challenge now, but he has admitted that he struggled as a child due to a lack of real-life skills and confidence.

The Eton-educated TV presenter has called on schools to offer more classes offering hands-on subjects ranging from keeping fit, healthy eating to starting businesses.

"I wasn't very good at school, and I struggled a lot with confidence," he told a global skills conference in Dubai.

"There's stuff I wish people had taught me.

"I don't know whether you agree with this or not, but I wish they had taught me how to keep fit, how to eat healthy food, how to lead a team, how to communicate with people.

"I wouldn't have minded even a bit of entrepreneurial stuff, or citizenship, all of this sort of stuff, a bit of tax, a bit of legal."

Grylls said that he saw many of the problems he had encountered repeated with his own children.

The survivalist added that whilst schools may celebrate those naturally excel, the struggle was what made many people successful.

He also urged teachers to ensure that young people do not spend too much time on computers but instead explore the outdoors and nature.