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Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney makes surprise visit to elderly fan

Hollywood actor George Clooney and long-time admirer Pat Adams. Credit: Sunrise UK/PA Wire

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney sprung a birthday surprise on a long-time admirer with a visit to her assisted living home in Reading on Sunday.

Pat Adams, 87, had her birthday wish come true after Clooney turned up unannounced with a card and a bunch of flowers.

Staff said Ms Adams was "delighted and surprised" with her gifts from Clooney, adding that she is "still beaming from ear to ear" after meeting the 55-year-old star.

We are so delighted that Pat's wish came true.

She was absolutely thrilled to meet her great icon, and it was such a lovely surprise to see George greet her with flowers and a card.

This was a classy gesture from a wonderful man, and it has brought smiles to everyone at Sunrise of Sonning. Huge thank you to George.

– Malcolm Hague, Sunrise of Sonning

A worker at the facility, Linda Jones, posted a picture of the beaming pair on Facebook.

She wrote: "The lady in the picture, loves George Clooney and mentions everyday how she would love him to meet him, especially as he lives so near to where I work.

"So letter (sic) have been sent asking would it be possible for her dream to come true.

"And what was extra special it was her birthday in the week."