Lord Heseltine backs George Osborne's Evening Standard appointment

Lord Heseltine has backed George Osborne's new appointment as Editor of the Evening Standard newspaper, saying he has '"every confidence" the ex-Chancellor will be able to juggle both his new job and his responsibilities as an MP.

Speaking to ITV News the former Conservative cabinet minister said Osborne "knows how to delegate" and while constituents are "right to ask the question" about whether he will still be able to serve them effectively they don't need to worry.

He said: "His constituents, they're the first priority and will remain so. I think they'll find that George wouldn't have taken this on if he didn't believe he can give them a first class service."

Lord Heseltine also highlighted that now that Osborne is a backbench MP and no longer a minister he has more "time and discretion" as to what other roles he takes on.

Lord Heseltine's comments come after the chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life suggested on Sunday that rules around MPs taking on second jobs may have to change in light of Osborne's appointment.

Lord Heseltine said Osborne is not breaking any rules by taking on the newspaper role and is just using his experience to earn himself - and taxpayers - a lot of money.

He said: "I hear he gets a contract for £600,000, I say whoopee that means that I as a citizen get 50% of it by way of tax and we're all better off."

The former chancellor will take up the role in May alongside his duties as an MP, representing his Cheshire constituency in Tatton 190 miles from the capital.