Heartwarming moment dementia patient finds comfort in Elvis Presley songs

A daughter has captured the heartwarming moment her father with dementia found comfort by dancing to Elvis songs.

When John "Sean" O'Malley arrived at Blacktown Hospital in New South Wales, Australia, his dementia often made him angry, distressed and agitated.

Hospital staff run a Music and Memory programme and they played some hit Elvis songs and have witnessed how his mood changes.

The programme uses the personalised playlists to help patients to be happier and more social.

Mr O'Malley dancing around the ward Credit: Blacktown Hospital

Within minutes Mr O'Malley is up and about, dancing around the ward with his headphones in and iPod playing.

In the video he is seen clicking his fingers and wiggling his hips to the tune of Elvis Presley's classic hit Heartbreak Hotel.

His daughter with Trisha joins in Credit: Blacktown Hospital

"His whole behaviour has changed, so for us at home, we haven't been so worried about how he's going here at hospital," said O'Malley's daughter, Trish Scerri in the video.

She added: "We know that this music has brought a lot of happiness while he's been here ... and he's been dancing around the ward since it's been happening."

Staff say his mood lifts as soon as the headphones go in Credit: Blacktown Hospital