This is the moment a police officer jumped into a fast-flowing river to save a man - wearing just his pants.

Pc James Patterson was helping with crowd control at a game between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday when they received reports of a man falling into the nearby River Trent on February 18.

The quick-thinking officer braved the cold water - stripping down to just his underwear - and swimming out to the man with a life ring round his midriff.

He was then pulled back to safety by his colleagues who stood on the edge of the river bank holding a rope.

The man who fell in survived thanks to Pc Patterson's heroic efforts.

And he has now been recommended - along with three other officers involved with the rescue - for a commendation for their "courageous and professional actions".

Pc Patterson is now up for a recommendation for his heroic actions.

Sergeant Julian Smedley said the rescue operation was an "exemplary piece of work by all officers".

He added: "They all upheld the finest traditions of the British Police Service and have my wholehearted admiration.

"Pc Patterson displayed true courage, selfless commitment and determination as he entered the river to save the man's life."