Belgium marks first anniversary of Brussels attacks

Belgium has marked the first anniversary of the Brussels airport and metro terror attacks which killed 32 people.

Political leaders, victims and families all gathered in the Belgian capital for moments of silence, wreath laying and testimonies on Tuesday.

On March 22 last year, twin suicide bombers claimed the lives of 16 people at Brussels' Zaventem airport, while a further 16 were the victims of an explosion at Maelbeek subway station.

More than 300 people overall were wounded in the attacks, for which so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility.

During Tuesday's memorial services, wreaths were laid outside of both attack sites, with the names of victims read out.

Airport and train staff, security, rescue personnel, as well as Belgium's King Philippe were all in attendance for the solemn occasion.

A board of messages to victims of the Brussels attacks, pictured earlier this month. Credit: AP

Ahead of the anniversary, Belgium's prime minister said the country had learned lessons about violent Islamists, but he could not rule out another terror attack.

Charles Michel also said European states needed to do more to coordinate surveillance of potential threats.

He said it was too early to say when Belgium, which is at a heightened state of security, will pull armed troops off its streets.

'Never again' written in tributes left at the scene of the tragedy. Credit: AP

Troops have patrolled Brussels since the Paris attacks which killed 130 people in November 2015.

Mr Michel added: "Nobody can say today whether this will take three or six months. That's true for Belgium as it is for any other country."

He continued: "Belgium is a safe country. We're in better shape today than a few weeks or months ago. We see tourists and business travellerscoming back."

Belgium's King Philippe (centre right) at Zaventem airport Credit: AP