Syrian rebels take full control of IS-held airbase

Syrian rebels backed by the US say they have taken full control of a key airbase near the so-called Islamic State's stronghold, Raqqa.

The capture of the base is seen as a significant step in the fight to drive the group out of the city.

Talal Sello, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said they had seized Tabqa airport from militants.

The airbase was seized by militants in 2014 from the Syrian Army.

Its capture is one of the first major successes for the rebels since the US-led coalition airlifted fighters to put them behind IS lines last week.

Seizing the airbase is part of an offensive aimed at regaining control of the Tabqa dam - the largest in Syria - as well as Tabqa town.

The fighters are continuing to advance towards the city of Raqqa itself, but civilian rights groups have expressed concerns for people still living in the area.