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Australia: Shark washes up on street during Cyclone Debbie

A shark washed up on a Queensland street during Cyclone Debbie. Credit: Queensland Fire Services

Cyclone Debbie has wreaked such havoc in north-eastern Australia this week that a shark washed up on the street.

Emergency services in Queensland posted a picture of the bull shark that wound up on a road while swimming in flood waters caused by the extreme weather.

On Tuesday, Debbie battered the coast of Australia with winds up to 160mph - bringing down trees and leaving a trail of destruction.

Australia's military has joined in the effort to reach cut off communities, while around 60,000 homes were at one point without power.

Fire crews have warned residents that discovery of the muddy shark was another reason to avoid swimming in flood waters.

Debbie's 160mph winds brought down trees. Credit: AP

The discovery of the shark came as Cyclone Debbie was downgraded to a tropical low on Wednesday.

But by this time several communities around Queensland found themselves isolated with no access to communications after Debbie unleashed her worst.

Emergency workers have been trying to reach those areas to ensure residents were safe, Queensland Police said.

Fire rescues have advised residents to avoid flood waters where possible.

"Think it's safe to go back in the water? Think again! A bull shark washed up in Ayr. Stay out of floodwater," Queensland Fire & Emergency department tweeted.