HSBC to give transgender customers choice of 10 new titles

An HSBC sign outside a branch. Credit: PA

HSBC is rolling out new services to try and give transgender customers a better banking experience.

Customers will soon be able to choose from 10 different gender neutral titles and the bank has also streamlined the process for people wishing to change the gender on their account.

The bank said the new titles allow people who do not identify as a particular gender, or who do not want to be identified by gender, to choose the title that works for them.

The title will be applied across a customer's account, including their bank cards and correspondence.

Customers will also find it easier to change the gender on their account, HSBC said, and will now only need to bring a passport, driving licence or birth certificate that supports the change of gender to update their details in branch.

HSBC staff have been undergoing training to support this.

The announcement was made to coincide with International Transgender Day of Visibility on Friday.

In November, Metro Bank said customers and staff who did not identify themselves as being male or female could choose the non-binary option of Mx when filling out forms.

These are the new titles that HSBC customers will be able to choose from:

  • Mx (pronounced "mix" or "mux")

  • Ind (an abbreviation of individual)

  • M

  • Misc (an abbreviation of miscellaneous)

  • Mre (an abbreviation for "mystery")

  • Msr (represents a combination of Miss/Sir)

  • Myr

  • Pr (prounced "per". An abbreviation of person)

  • Sai (pronounced "sigh")

  • Ser (pronounced "sair")