The Royal EU charm offensive hits Italy on European tour

The Prince of Wales has arrived at Pisa airport in Italy for the second part of his Brexit charm offensive in the EU.

He'll spend the next five days here where he will visit the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, travel to war graves on the Austrian border, tour the 2016 earthquake-hit town of Amatrice, and meet the Pope at the Vatican.

It's part of the Royal Family's mission this year - approved by the Foreign Office - to charm their way around the EU just as negotiations begin over our divorce from Brussels.

The Prince has just completed two days in Romania, a country he has had a long relationship with, and one which gave him a very warm welcome.

Here in Italy, he will be joined by the Duchess of Cornwall who will also carry out some engagements on her own, including a trip to Naples.

Will any of it have the desired effect for Brexit talks? Who knows.

The Prince received a warm welcome in Romania Credit: PA

But diplomats on this trip say the 'soft power' of The Royal Family - the most famous one in the world - goes a very long way.

We may give it little credit at home but abroad, the Foreign Office believes their tours are well received.

They say the royals can open doors that politicians can't.

Prince William and Kate visited Paris earlier this month and Kensington Palace says the couple plans to tour Poland and Germany in the summer.Prince Charles will end this particular EU tour next week in Austria.