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April Fool's Day 2017: Some of the best jokes and pranks

Did you fall for any 'fake' news stories this April Fool's Day. Credit: ITV News

Since April Fool's Day 2016, it's been an an eventful 12 months full of unexpected surprises, just think Brexit and Donald Trump's election.

And with the rise of the "fake news" phenomenon it's even harder to decipher which stories are genuine these days.

Here is a look at some of this year's April Fool's stories and pranks doing the rounds, which range from the possibly believable to the completely outlandish.

  • George Osborne: The fashion designer

The Guardian reported that former chancellor George Osborne planning to launch his own clothing line for "fashion-conscious" business people.

It said his firm had been registered as "Georgio" and would design “high-quality, hi-visibility industrial garments aimed at the multitasking CEO”.

The newspaper mocked up this image of George Osborne promoting his range. Credit: Guardian
  • The fake royal wedding
The Daily Mail's fake royal wedding spread. Credit: Daily Mail

Prince Harry marrying his girlfriend Meghan Markle in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas was a double-page spread in the Daily Mail.

Touted as a "world exclusive", the newspaper featured pictures posed by lookalikes purporting to be the couple.

It also said the couple walked down the aisle to the Diana Ross classic Why Do Fools Fall In Love? But we weren't fooled.

The Daily Mail's fake wedding spread. Credit: Daily Mail
  • Corrie reveals new theme tune

Coronation Street announced the soap's iconic theme tune was being revamped with new lyrics sung by some of the street's stars.

An accompanying video of their efforts was also posted on YouTube.

  • From Planet Earth to Life of Grime (music that is)?

BBC Three tweeted a picture of Sir David Attenborough posing with a host of grime music artists, purporting to promote a new and exclusive series.

It appears the prank managed to convince grime MC Stormzy, who was none too impressed, and said he had sent a direct message to the BBC Three team to complain.

But he then made a "public apology" after realising it was a joke.

  • Wild polar bears spotted in Scotland

Polar bears have been spotted in Scotland as animals flee the melting Arctic ice cap, the Telegraph reported.

It said the scientists from the World Wildlife Fund had verified images and video footage filmed by a dog walker of a polar bear living on an island in the Outer Hebrides.

  • UK to exit Eurovision

Following hot on the heels of Brexit, the UK was also going to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest, Pink News claimed.

The LGBT digital media publisher alleged it understood it would "come into effect in the first few months of 2019, meaning the UK will have just two more shots at the trophy."

"Plans are afoot for Scotland to compete by itself, " it added.