Driver told to pay record-breaking £24,500 parking fine

A woman has been ordered by a court to pay a record fine to a private parking company after ignoring hundreds of penalty notices.

The £24,500 fine is understood to be the largest parking fine in the country.

Carly Mackie, who lives in Dundee, was ordered to pay Vehicle Control Services the money after repeatedly parking in an area reserved for residents at a property rented by her mother and stepfather.

The 28-year-old had been issued with penalty notices almost every day over two years, but claimed they were unenforceable as she lived there at the time.

Mackie insisted that she was entitled to park her Mini in front of the family's garage, and would not accept the offer of a parking permit for a space nearby for £40 a month.

Carly says she was entitled to park her Mini in front of the family's garage. Credit: SWNS

After racking up a £18,500 bill and ignoring more than 200 penalty notices, she was taken to court by the private parking firm last year.

Sheriff George Way said in a written statement that Mackie had "entirely misdirected herself on both the law and the contractual chain in this case".

She knew perfectly well what the signs displayed, and that she was parking in breach of the conditions.

Sheriff George Way