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Prime Minister laughs off suggestion of war with Spain

Travelling with the Prime Minister is always a fascinating experience, writes ITV News Political Correspondent Emily Morgan.

Most notable on such flights are the briefings journalists get in transit.

As we flew with Theresa May to Jordan for a three-day visit to the Middle East, the Prime Minister came back to our cabin and briefed us herself.

We huddled round, craning to hear what she had to say.

If she was concerned the Gibraltar row was escalating, she didn't show it.

Ms May was asked four times about the issue, including comments made by Michael Howard where he said he was sure she would be prepared to send a task force to protect the Rock.

Gibraltar has been an overseas British territory for 300 years. Credit: PA

And four times she reiterated her continued support for Gibraltar, said her position hasn't changed and that she will work with them to get the best possible deal from the EU for us.

Only on the fifth question; would she rule out going to war with Spain, did she stop and laugh out loud.

It was a tense moment until she went on to tell us that this was about talking to the Spanish.

All 27 EU member states would be getting round the table to talk about getting the best possible deal for the UK, Spain included, Ms May said.

Was it then "jaw jaw, not war war?", she was asked.

"It's definitely jaw jaw", she replied.

Well that's a relief. No war then, just yet.