CCTV appears to show man attempting to abduct baby

Police have released CCTV footage which appears to show a man brazenly attempting to abduct a baby in front of its parents.

Police are appealing for help in finding the parents after the incident was caught on camera in a shop on Locust Street in Philadelphia on April 2.

The video appears to show the man walking up to the pram and reaching down into the pram to hold the baby's head while he peers at it.

The baby's mother turns round and sees the man and instantly pushes him away from the pram.

The father then scuffles with the suspect and pushes him out of the shop.

Police said the suspect was still in the area when officers arrived and they are aware of his identity.

The man holds the baby's head while he peers into the pram Credit: Philadelphia Police

Philadelphia Police are appealing to the public to help identify the parents of the baby or anyone who has information on the incident.