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Care home fire: Two residents dead and 33 rescued

Firefighters tackle the blaze. Credit: Hoddesdon Fire Station

Two residents have died and 33 people have been rescued after a fire broke out at a care home in Hertfordshire.

Three of those rescued were taken to hospital to be treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation, while the other residents were taken to a nearby emergency reception centre.

The blaze broke out at Newgrange care home in Cheshunt at around 5.50am on Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening the fire was still smoldering, stopping firefighters from entering the building to remove the two bodies.

A firefighter surveys the damage. Credit: ITV News

Hertfordshire County Council confirmed the deaths and offered their "deepest condolences" to the families of the deceased.

The council said the "extremely fierce" fire was "well-established in the first floor and roof of the building, which has since collapsed".

The council added they are now working to assess the needs of the residents of the care home, and to provide accommodation for them.

Firefighters tackle the blaze. Credit: Hoddesdon Fire Station

Darryl Keen, Chief Fire Officer for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue, said the "very severe" blaze "escalated very, very fast".

Mr Keen added that the fact that many of the residents had to be rescued by ladder, since they were unable to escape themselves.

Darryl Keen, Chief Fire Officer for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Credit: ITV News

Lisa Brown, an eyewitness who lives across the road from Newgrange praised the "fantastic" efforts of the firefighters and the care home staff.

"The firemen were the bravest people I have ever seen in my life," Ms Brown said, she continued that the "health workers were fantastic, they would not leave the residents".

Lisa Brown helped residents evacuated from the care home. Credit: ITV News

Ms Brown told how residents who live near the care home helped the residents after they were evacuated.

Ms Brown said she brought blankets out to help the "freezing" and "dazed" residents, while one neighbour made cups of tea for them, another brought more blankets and a wheelchair to the scene, while others took the elderly people into their homes.

"Everyone was just super," she said, but added that the fire was "just the most terrifying thing ever".

A police officer at the scene on Saturday. Credit: ITV News

Hoddesdon Fire Station, who were one of the crews who attended the fire, said "the whole roof" had been "well alight".

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue service said 12 fire engines were sent to the care home and that an "excellent effort" had been made by everyone involved in the rescue.

Volunteers from the British Red Cross are providing support to those affected by the fire and are sourcing items such as walking frames to help evacuated residents.