Turkish Airlines cabin crew help deliver baby girl on flight

A Turkish Airlines cabin crew has welcomed one more passenger on board after helping to deliver a baby girl during a flight.

The mid-air labour began shortly after the plane had taken off from Guinea bound for Burkina Faso.

Nafi Diaby, who was 28 weeks pregnant, complained of childbirth pains following takeoff before things quickly escalated on the 2h 10m flight.

Passengers helped staff support the mother during the labour as Kadiju was born. Credit: Turkish Airlines

Fellow passengers helped the staff support her during the successful labour before welcoming the newborn, who has been named Kadiju.

Beaming staff, including the flight's captain, posed for photographs with the baby.

The flight's captain joined the cabin crew in celebrating the new arrival. Credit: Turkish Airlines

Mother and child were taken to hospital when the Boeing 737 landed in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou.

Turkish Airlines celebrated the new arrival on its official Twitter account.