Adorable kitten rescued from hotel wall after housekeeper heard mewing

A tabby kitten had to be rescued at a plush Cotswolds hotel after it became wedged inside one of the bedroom walls.

The kitten's desperate cries for help were heard by a housekeeper at the Swan Hotel in Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Staff rushed to the suite and smashed through the plasterboard wall to free the female kitten.

Tatty, as she has been called, is thought to be just two or three weeks old, and is now being hand-reared by the Blue Cross pet charity.

David Jones, reception manager at the Swan Hotel, said: "Our housekeeper went over to the cottage and heard little meowing noises coming from within the wall as she was cleaning the bathroom.

"Our maintenance manager cut into the plasterboard and we were able to scoop her out of the hole. She was very talkative. It's a mystery how she got in there.

"We had guests in the cottage but no reports from them that they'd heard anything so we've no idea how long she'd been in there or how she'd managed to get in there.

"We're just pleased we could get her out and she's now safe and being well-looked after by Blue Cross."

Tatty is thought to be two to three weeks old Credit: SWNS

Selena Bennett, who is helping to hand-rear Tatty, said she is recovering well.

She said: "Tatty was reluctant to take the teat of the bottle the first night I had her, regardless of the fact that she was clearly hungry and crying loudly.

"I got up every two hours and tried various methods to get a little bit of milk in her but it took until the following afternoon before she properly fed.

"Now there is no stopping her. She's making a good recovery from her ordeal."