Will the UK join America's military action in Syria?

Will the UK join military action in Syria? Credit: NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images

Theresa May is taking a short Easter break walking in Wales but, according to No10, has also been making calls on the Syria crisis.

High on the call list has been the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

They agreed their support for the US strikes on Syria and "discussed using their influence to bring about a peaceful settlement in Syria".

How much influence they have is the question.

Asked this morning if the UK was considering joining in America's military action, the Prime Minister's Spokesman repeatedly said "Our focus is on a political solution".

Theresa May has been talking to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Syria. Credit: PA

It's widely thought that means pushing the G7 for stronger sanctions against the Syrian regime's Russian backers.

There are sanctions in place over Russia's behaviour in Ukraine and the Crimea, but they are tightly focused on individuals within the Russian regime.

There is scope for wider sanctions.

A child being treated after the suspected chemical attack in Syria last week. Credit: AP

Beyond that the Government is held back from joining in the military action by Parliament's 2013 vote against doing any such thing and doesn't seem inclined to go back and ask the question again.

A Government source told me the UK's focus is on defeating so-called Islamic State first - a job they think is nearly done in Iraq and could be completed in Syria in about six months.

But once that job is done, longer term, there may be then be another assessment of whether Britain should get involved in the fight against Assad.