These are the cries of Yemen's starving

As ITV News learns "pockets of famine" already exist in Yemen, Correspondent Neil Connery visits the country facing the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

The screams hit you first. They echo out from the small room in this mountain village clinic.

They are the cries of Yemen's starving in what is the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

Inside the centre in Beni Haydan in northern Yemen, a dozen severely malnourished babies lie on two rusting beds.

At times their cries of pain are piercing.

Saida's fragile 17-month-old body bears the signs of acute hunger. Her sister tries to comfort her but the pain of malnutrition is too much.

Jamelia is cradled by her sister Khula. She tells me her family have nothing.

"Our father is sick. We can't feed her, she just cries all the time," she said.

Beside her is Huda. Her mother tells me she was like this since birth.

"We are so scared. What can we do? We have nothing," she said.

Aid has started to arrive in Yemen - but will it reach those that need it? Credit: ITV News

This is one clinic in a remote village which is supported by the charity CARE International.

The chaos and desperation is a glimpse of the scale of what is happening across Yemen.

The room next door is crammed with mothers and children.

This clinic in a remote village is crammed with mothers and children. Credit: ITV News

Volunteer Ahmed Baker says the needs are overwhelming.

"The humanitarian situation is terrible because of the war. There's no food or medicines due to the blockade," he said.

In these remote communities trying to collect accurate figures is virtually impossible.

But aid agencies believe famine has now arrived in parts of Yemen.

Maram's father says 'only God can help us now'. Credit: ITV News

In another village we find other suffering children. Maram is battling severe malnutrition.

Her father Ahmed tells me she was born very sick.

As Yemen's war continues, famine now haunts. Prayers aren't holding back this country's descent into darkness.

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