Stockholm terror suspect 'tried to join Islamic State'

The man who admitted carrying out a "terrorist" attack in Sweden had tried to travel to join Islamic State in Syria, an Uzbekistan security source has said.

Rakhmat Akilov, 39, came under the influence of a Tajik Islamic State cell while living in Sweden, the source added.

Uzbek national Akilov was detained at the Turkish-Syrian border in 2015 and deported to Sweden, the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, added.

The source also told how in February this year Uzbekistan's authorities had put Akilov on a wanted list for people suspected of religious extremism.

Four people died and many were injured when a lorry was driven into a department store in Stockholm on Friday.

Chris Bevington was killed in the attack Credit: FCO

British man Chris Bevington, 41, a husband and father, was among the victims.

At a news conference on Sunday, Swedish police revealed Akilov was an asylum seeker who had his application rejected.

They added that he was sympathetic to extremist groups including Islamic State and had been sought by authorities for deportation.

Akilov's lawyer Johan Eriksson said on Tuesday: "His position is that he admits to a terrorist crime and accepts therefore that he will be detained."

A second man arrested over the attack would face no charges but is set to be deported, police said.