'Britain's smallest cafe' opens in a phone box

A cafe which claims to be the tiniest in the world has opened in a disused phone box.

Luke Thorpe, 31, was thinking small to live out his dreams of opening a tea shop in Nottingham.

The former phone box has a full range of tea and coffee, although there's no space inside for customers.

It stands at just 3ft 4ins wide and is 9ft high, but Mr Thorpe said it has been a big hit.

Mr Thorpe said he has always loved coffee and long wanted to open his own cafe.

"I'll grin and bear it in the cold and wind," he added.

"I would rather be here doing something I enjoy than in an office, nice and warm, clock-watching."

The telephone box, which had to be kitted out with a water supply and electricity, is leased from the Brighton-based The Red Kiosk Company.

There are no tables but there are a couple of stools for customers - or if there's a sudden downpour they can stand in the neighbouring phone box.