Theresa May's General Election call dominates headlines

Theresa May's surprise decision to call a snap general election dominates today's front pages.

The Telegraph calls it "May's bolt from the blue", while The Guardian seeks to paraphrase the prime minister with "May: give me my mandate".

The Daily Mail lauds the prime minister's "stunning move" against Brexit critics with "Crush the saboteurs".

The Daily Express also sees the prime minister as moving to "crush" opposition to Brexit with "Vote for me and I'll deliver EU exit".

The Sun adds that "May's election bombshell" will not only give her a mandate for Brexit but "kill off" Labour to boot. "Blue murder," it calls it.

The Daily Mirror, meanwhile, picks up on Mrs May repeated claims that she would not be calling an early election with its headline "The lady is for U-turning".

The Times envisages only one outcome of the June 8 vote with "May heads for election landslide".

The i, on the other had, sees the PM's move as more of a "gamble" on support for Brexit, and leads with "Stunned Britain heads to the polls".

Elsewhere, The Star sighs that "the Brexit serial continues", leading with a picture of the prime minster alongside the headline "Snap, Cackle and Pop".

Meanwhile, City AM starts the "50 days" countdown to the vote.