Jeremy Corbyn shrugs off 'Islington elite' suggestion and points to widespread poverty

Jeremy Corbyn shrugged off suggestions he is part of an "Islington elite" despite admitting many people in his constituency "drink cappuccino every day".

The Labour leader described himself as "very proud" to represent Islington North when questioned by ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener.

Speaking at the launch of Labour's General Election campaign, Mr Corbyn also pointed to widespread levels of poverty across his constituency.

His comments followed his keynote campaign speech in which he rallied against "the elite" and the Establishment for propping up a "rigged economy" which favours the wealthy.

Mr Corbyn promised Labour would invest in deprived communities using a new national investment bank, as well as take action to bring down house prices in London.

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair was regularly painted as being part of a north London "Islington set".

And asked if he was in fact part of an "Islington elite", Mr Corbyn replied: "I am very proud to represent Islington North.

"It's absolutely true, there are people in Islington who buy and drink cappuccino every day and I know many of them.

"But it's also that 40% of our children are in poverty, it's also true there are people sleeping on the streets of our borough, as there are all over this country.

"So don't run away with this idea that everyone who lives in London is living the life of Riley."