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Where do the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats stand on Brexit?

As Labour announced today that there will be no second referendum if they win June's General Election, where do the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats stand on the big issues?

EU Trade Deal:

  • Labour say they want to 'retain the benefits' of the single market
  • The Conservatives have ruled out membership - instead wanting to retain 'maximum freedom' to trade with the EU
  • At the other end of the scale - the Liberal Democrats are the most pro-EU - saying they would fight to remain within the single market


  • Labour says it the will end freedom of movement - although it has also said some workers would still be needed
  • The Conservatives have already categorically promised to end freedom of movement
  • While the Liberal Democrats say they accept it as the price of being in the single market

Rights of EU nationals:

  • The Conservatives will not guarantee their rights until EU countries offer the same deal for Britons living there - leaving it on the negotiating table
  • Whereas Labour and the Liberal Democrats say they want to offer guarantees immediately

Second referendum:

  • Labour's Sir Keir Starmer ruled that out completely - though will offer MPs a "meaningful" vote on the Brexit deal. It is not clear if that means they could stop it.
  • The Conservatives' Theresa May has stood by her mantra - Brexit means Brexit - blocking any attempt at any kind of vote
  • While the Liberal Democrats' Tim Farron says he will hold a referendum on the deal - a second referendum in all but name