Korean peninsula's 'largest ever' live-fire exercise raises tensions

North Korean state broadcaster KRT has televised images of leader Kim Jong-un supervising what it said was the largest ever Combined Fire Demonstration of the Korean People's Army on Tuesday.

Amid growing tensions on the Korean peninsula, South Korea and US forces released footage of a joint live-fire exercise just 24-hours later.

Both demonstrations involved thousands of troops from the navy, air, anti-air and artillery forces.

Kim Jong Un was reportedly Credit: APTN

According to KRT, Kim arrived at the air force base in Wonsan on Tuesday morning to watch the event that was held to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the army.

Kim was "satisfied" with the demonstration, KRT reported, which included artillerymen and pilots hitting various targets.

US President Donald Trump invited all 100 members of the Senate to attend a highly unusual meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the military exercise and how it might respond.

Kim Jong-un was pictured overseeing the operation. Credit: APTN
Thousands of North Korean troops were seen taking part. Credit: APTN

Meanwhile, the South Korea defence ministry said about 2,000 troops participated in a joint-US drill at an artillery range in Pocheon, about 31 miles northeast of Seoul.

They said the drill, called the Integrated Firepower Exercise 2017, was held on April 13, 21 and 26, but footage has only just been released.

Some 250 military weapons were used, including K2 tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems, Apache helicopters and A-10 combat jets.

There are around 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea, where the US has maintained a large military presence since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Thousands of troops were involved in Firepower Exercise 2017. Credit: APTN
Rockets are launched across a South Korean firing range. Credit: APTN