Zac Goldsmith to stand as Tory MP for Richmond Park months after quitting the party

Zac Goldsmith is attempting to be reinstalled as Tory MP for Richmond Park - just months after he quit the party and forced an unsuccessful by-election.

Mr Goldsmith lost his seat in south-west London after standing as an independent opposed to the Government's support for a third runway at Heathrow airport.

But the former London mayor candidate was eventually beaten by the Liberal Democrats for the Richmond Park and North Kingston constituency in December last year.

Just five months later, the 42-year-old is looking to return to the Tory fold after being selected as the party's candidate at the June 8 General Election.

Mr Goldsmith lost the 2016 by-election to Sarah Olney. Credit: PA

But despite his return to the Conservatives, Mr Goldsmith is continuing to oppose Government support for Heathrow expansion.

Mr Goldsmith, who is pro-Brexit, is set to be up against incumbent MP Sarah Olney, who supported Remain in the EU referendum.

Constituency chairman Georgina Butler said: "We are delighted that Zac Goldsmith has been reselected as the Conservative candidate for Richmond Park and North Kingston in the forthcoming General Election, and we look forward to having him back again as our representative in Parliament.

"After a resounding victory in the 2015 General Election, his absence from Parliament since last December has been a disappointment.

"He is widely regarded the best MP that Richmond Park and North Kingston has ever had, and we need him back to represent our residents effectively."

Ms Butler added: "He will also continue to lead the fight against Heathrow expansion, an issue which continues to concern our residents."

Mr Goldsmith lost the race to be elected London mayor in 2016 when he was defeated by Sadiq Khan.