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Rescuers save baby and toddler from overturned car in rushing Texas floodwater

Dramatic footage has captured the heroic rescue of a baby and a two-year-old left trapped in a car that overturned in rushing floodwater while a young family tried to escape a Texas tornado.

Drivers are seen grappling to get inside the vehicle against the powerful waters and screaming for someone to put in an emergency call as they realise the young lives are at risk.

The baby is seen being lifted to safety but limp and blueish grey as CPR is performed on the toddler as the adults huddle round.

Both young children were revived and are recovering in hospital after the rescue close to Myrtle Springs near Dallas, NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported.

The rescuers were seen carrying the limp body of the baby to safety while rescuers performed CPR on the two-year-old. Credit: Thomas Mitchell

"When they said they are breathing, I said, 'please, let me have my babies, let them be in my arms,'" 21-year-old mother Emily Ocheltree told local media as she recalled watching helplessly on.

"I see my daughter's lifeless body just sitting on the back of the truck, and you just don't know what to do. I can't go over there. It's a miracle what they did. There's no debt in the world that I could repay them."

She and husband Philip Ocheltree, 25, both survived unharmed and were later seen sharing an emotional reunion with one of the men who worked to save their children.

"Thank you so much," Ms Ocheltree said as she broke down in tears. "You did such a good job ... You have no idea how thankful (we are)."

The rescuer told them he was inspired by thoughts of his own family as he joined others in battling the floodwaters.

"When I was working I was thinking about my grandson," he said.

"I'm really happy that you are ok and praying that your babies get better."

At least 14 people have been killed by tornadoes and flooding in the latest round of extreme weather to hit the US south and midwest.