Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has become embroiled in a campaign trail dispute after being confronted by an angry Brexit-supporting voter.

Pensioner Malcolm Baker said he had "waited two years" to tell Mr Farron those how backed Leave "did know" what they were voting for in last year's EU referendum and were not racist.

When Mr Farron insisted he did not believe Leave voters were racist, Mr Baker replied: "Yes you do. I tell you what, you keep going on all the time..."

The pro-Remain Mr Farron asked the 65-year-old if he was proud his grandchildren "would inherit a poorer, less powerful, less secure country" once Britain leaves the European Union.

Mr Baker replied: "I'm proud that they will be coming out of Europe and that we will have our own destiny and not have people telling us we are going to pay €100 billion to get out."

The confrontation in Kidlington near Oxford, which was filmed by PA reporter Sam Lister, came amid reports Germany and France are keen for Brussels to charge Britain a so-called Brexit bill of €100bn (£84bn).

"If that's your policies I hope you are going to get six seats," Mr Baker said, adding: "I have always voted Labour but I will be voting for Theresa May."

The disgruntled voter then walked away although the pair later settled their differences.

Mr Baker returned for a less heated chat with Mr Farron, joking: "I've got no eggs on me whatsoever."

The pair ultimately kissed and made up as Malcolm Baker pretended to embrace the Lib Dem leader.

Mr Farron, whose party is calling for a second referendum on the final Brexit deal, told reporters he respected Mr Baker's right to vote for Leave but challenged him on the need for voters to have another say on Brexit.

The Lib Dem leader said Mr Baker had only voted for Britain's departure, not the final deal.

"We didn't get round to the niceties of the argument," he said. "What Malcolm voted for was departure last June. I respect that.

"He didn't vote for destination, he wasn't asked. None of us were asked."