Speculation surrounds Buckingham Palace announcement

Buckingham Palace Credit: PA

Speculation over a significant royal announcement has been running since the early hours of Thursday morning.

When I went to bed last night, I knew of a statement this morning and that news later spread overnight on social media.

It developed into speculation about a death or an abdication or an illness.

What we do know this morning is that there will be a meeting for all household staff.

It is happening at 10am at Buckingham Palace and is being chaired by the head of the royal household, the Lord Chamberlain.

As to what staff will be told, we do not know.

  • A video posted by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship shows the media presence outside Buckingham Palace

But it might explain why the Prime Minister spent so long with the Queen yesterday afternoon.

I do know that the Queen and Duke are both alive.

I feels strange writing that... but there has been speculation around the world that one of them was not.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at an Easter church service. Credit: PA

And I know the Queen is not about to abdicate.

My best guess is something to do with the respective ages of the Queen and Duke.

We could be told today that the Duke of Edinburgh is stepping down from all engagements from now on.

We could be told the Queen and Duke are moving to Windsor Castle more permanently - rather than use Buckingham Palace.

Perhaps they plan to retire at Balmoral in Scotland?

Or the Queen plans to step down from her role as Head of the Commonwealth.

We simply don't know.

But we do know the Queen will still be ruling over this country this afternoon - even though she is 91 and has been the Head of State for more than 65 years.