Diane Abbott suffers another numbers gaffe after hugely underestimating Labour losses

Diane Abbott has once again been accused of failing to keep on top of key figures after she underestimated Labour losses in the local elections by more than half.

The Shadow Home Secretary said she believed the party had lost a total of "about 50" councillors this morning when in fact the number was well over 100.

It comes just days after she suffered a "car-crash" interview in which she badly fudged a question on the costs of increasing police numbers.

Ms Abbot was today asked by ITV News if she was aware of the extent of heavy losses suffered by her party in local elections in much of England, Wales and Scotland.

"At the time of us doing this interview, I think the net losses are about 50," she said.

"They are actually 125," she was told.

Ms Abbot responded: "Well, the last time I looked we had net losses of 100 but obviously this is a moving picture."

Her remarks were met with derision by many political opponents and election-watchers.

It comes after Ms Abbott faced strong criticism over an interview in which she failed to properly cost a Labour pledge to provide 10,000 new police officers if elected.

She said the policy would cost £300,000 annually - meaning each officer would be paid just £30 a year.

Ms Abbott told ITV News that she "misspoke" in the interview and insisted she is "completely on top of her brief", emphasising the fact it was the "sixth interview out of seven".

She was defended by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who said Ms Abbott had corrected the figure and it was now "absolutely clear".