Pupil's Star Wars costume prompts armed police response

A pupil who dressed up as Darth Vader prompted a security scare that saw armed police called out to his high school and students evacuated.

The unnamed student at Ashwaubenon High School in the US state of Wisconsin dressed up as the iconic baddie to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th.

But he found the force was very much against him after his outfit was mistaken for body armour, prompting a full-scale police response.

Armed police rushed to the school in a security scare. Credit: APTN
Students return to school after being evacuated. Credit: APTN

Captain Jody Crocker of the local police force said that a frightened parent had mistaken the plastic costume and mask for body armour and called emergency services.

School officials said they hoped to use the incident as a "learning experience" - but would be stressing a no-costume policy from now on.

"Moving forward obviously that's not part of the dress code," said prinicpal Brian Nelsen.

"We'll move forward from his and make it a learning experience for our students so we don't have to repeat this."