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Jeremy Corbyn: Vote for Labour will help tackle inequality

Labour faces an uphill struggle going into the general election

Jeremy Corbyn has called on voters to reject rising inequality by turning to Labour in the general election.

Speaking at a campaign event in Derby - his second, having earlier addressed supporters in Leicester - the Labour leader played heavily on the gap between rich and poor, asking his audience "are we going to let that [gap] get wider and wider"?

Labour faces an uphill struggle going into the election after its poor local election performance this week, but in Derby Mr Corbyn was keen to position his party as providing "opportunities for all".

He criticised the Tories for leaving hospitals and schools underfunded, and hit out at cuts to the welfare system which he said could mean the need to "industrialise" food banks.

He also hit out at the prime minister's approach to negotiations with the EU.

"A Tory alternative is quite simple - they're negotiating Brexit on the basis you pick up a megaphone, shout at the other side and threaten to walk away if you don't get what you want," he said.

But Mr Corbyn gave few details of what a Labour alternative might look like, saying only that Labour wanted a "serious and sensible relationship" with Europe and respected the results of the referendum.

Introduced by Labour's Chris Williamson, who lost his Derby North seat in the 2015 general election, Mr Corbyn brought his speech to a swift close saying he and his supporters "need to get out knocking on doors".

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