Freed Chibok girls meet Nigerian president after release from Boko Haram

Nigeria's president has personally met with 82 Chibok girls released by the terror group Boko Haram three years after they were kidnapped.

President Muhammadu Buhari celebrated the deal which reportedly saw the girls swapped in exchange for the release of five Boko Haram commanders.

Mr Buhari vowed to continue working to free scores more children from the group who still remained in captivity in a post on Twitter.

The girls were among 220 pupils who were snatched from their school in 2014 by the Boko Haram, who are linked to the so-called Islamic State.

Their devastated families had waged a persistent PR campaign in an attempt to get them back which was backed by prominent figures around the world including then-US First Lady Michelle Obama.

The newly freed young women were flown by helicopters from northeastern Nigeria to Abuja in central Nigeria.

They are expected to see their families but be kept in government care for counseling and medical treatment.

'Bring back our girls' campaigners celebrate news of the release. Credit: AP

Authorities say 113 of the 276 girls abducted from their boarding school back in 2014 remain missing.

Girls who escaped said some of their classmates had died from illness.

Others did not want to come home either because they'd been radicalized by their captors.