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Chibok girl to be reunited with family after three years

  • By ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray

Sarah Yaga was just 17 when she was kidnapped from her school.

Hidden in the forest by Boko Haram, she became one of the Chibok girls used as bargaining chips in the militant’s war with Nigeria’s government.

But after years of torment, she is about to be reunited with her mother and father who have just learned she is alive and free.

Sarah's father Samuel told ITV News: "I worry so much, so much I worry. I can't measure it. Every day her mother is crying, every day."

Sarah's parents say they will hug her like a baby when they see her again. Credit: ITV News

Last year, some of the girls were released - but there are still thought to be around 113 missing.

There are also fears some of the girls may have been radicalised while in captivity.

While the Chibok Girls plight was well publicised with figures such as Michelle Obama calling for their release, there are thousands more victims of Boko Haram.

But for many, it is only their families who remember them.

The Chibok Girls in footage released by Boko Haram. Credit: ITV News

When they see her again she will be a woman, now aged around 20.

But Sarah's parents say that whatever condition she is in when they see her they will welcome her back with open arms.

Her father said if she is married, has a child or has converted to Islam it is "no problem".

Lydia, one of the Chibok Girls, is still missing. Credit: ITV News