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Violinist plays on in face of tear gas during Venezuelan protests

An anti-government protester took to the streets of Caracas with his violin Credit: AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos

A violinist who took to the streets to play his instrument as tear gas and smoke filled the air around him during ongoing protests in Venezuela has been praised for his bravery.

Video of the unidentified man playing the country’s national anthem while fellow protesters attempted to shield him from chaotic protest scenes in Caracas struck a chord on social media after it was posted on Monday, with Twitter users posting messages such as "wow" and "how brave".

ENPaís reporter Gabriela González shared her video of the moment on Twitter in a post that has been retweeted more than 500 times.

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Another video reporter Iván Ernesto Reyes who shared his video on social media described it as a "display of magical realism".

He wrote: "Today I saw a real display of magical realism. A demonstrator played his violin while the PNB threw tear gas and pellets."

Protests against the current president's government have been going on for weeks Credit: Horacio J Siciliano/SIPA USA/PA
  • Why are people protesting?

Demonstrators have been taking to the streets across the country in Venezuela over the last six weeks as they protest against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Current protests follow a Supreme Court attempt to strip power from the opposition-held Congress, the National Assembly, in a move that many believe to be aimed at giving Maduro's increasingly unpopular government more power.

The unrest also comes at a time when Venezuela is suffering from a deep recession and hyper-inflation despite having large oil reserves.