Child cancer survivor working alongside nurse who saved her

Kate Pye and Clara Markiewicz Credit: ITV News

A student who was inspired to become a nurse by the woman who saved her life has found herself training alongside the same woman.

When Clara Markiewicz was four she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia and given only a 50% chance of survival, but thanks to the care and treatment she received she overcame the deadly disease.

Ms Markiewicz recounted how the nurses who treated her became her "friends" and "role models" after long periods spent on an isolation ward.

The care the 20-year-old received from the nurses influenced her to such an extent that becoming a nurse "was the only thing" she could see herself becoming when she grew up.

The 20-year-old followed her dreams and is now training to be a paediatric nurse in Southampton.

Clara Markiewicz was given only a 50% chance of survival. Credit: Clara Markiewicz

Just three days into a placement Ms Markiewicz recognised a familiar face: Kate Pye, one of the nurses who treated her as a child, and Ms Pye recognised her too.

Kate Pye plays with patient Clara Markiewicz while she is in hospital for treatment. Credit: Clara Markiewicz

Ms Pye said the fact that her former patient had decided to become a nurse was "inspirational".

She continued: "It was very emotional actually and it was lovely to see her, and the fact that she's come into children's nursing after what she's been through as a child, is just inspirational."