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Farron: Lib Dems pledge to take 50,000 more Syrian refugees

Tim Farron says Britain should take in 50,000 more Syrian refugees Credit: Yui Mok/PA

Tim Farron has vowed to make taking in 50,000 more Syrian refugees a priority when the Liberal Democrats release their election manifesto.

Revealing his intention for Britain to accept more refugees currently living in camps, as well as to re-open the scheme to resettle lone child refugees in Europe the party leader criticised the current government for so far only taking in a "pitiful number of people".

Britain's current Syrian resettlement programme, launched in 2014, has the aim of taking in 20,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict by the end of the decade and it was revealed in February that the UK's scheme to help unaccompanied child migrants is set to be closed.

It is estimated Mr Farron's refugee resettlement scheme will cost about £4.3 billion Credit: Jane Barlow/PA

Speaking to the Press Association Mr Farron said: "For all that we focus on Brexit, and lots of other things as well, the biggest humanitarian crisis facing our continent is still going on and Britain is turning its back and pretending it's not happening.

"If you show confidence in people and give them sanctuary they become very loyal citizens.

"We are only talking about 50,000 people. We are talking about doing what is right."

According to Mr Farron the estimated £4.3 billion cost of the five-year initiative will be recouped over time by "the taxes and hard work of those who settle in Britain".