Six years on, ITV News revisits boy who survived Somalia's worst famine

  • Video report by ITV Africa Correspondent John Ray

ITV News first met Minhaj six years ago when he was so severely malnourished he was hours from death.

He was just one of the victims of the 2011 famine in Somalia which killed 260,000 people.

With the help of doctors, Minhaj, who is now seven, went on to make a recovery.

But he is still living in the same refugee camp on the Kenyan/Somalia border where they saved his life.

And due to the current drought in Somalia, aid workers anticipate another 75,000 people will soon turn up.

Minhaj is now seven but the malnutrition has left a lasting effect on him.

One couple recently came to the camp to get help - but the first thing they had to do was bury their twin daughters.

Their mother told ITV News: "We tried to bring them back here for help but the road was rough. There was no food and my body was aching.

"My babies just got weaker and weaker."

This couple came back to the camp for help - but their baby daughters died on the way.

Aid workers say the number of those facing starvation in 2017 could be even worse than the 2011 drought.

And they fear history could be repeating itself if nothing is done urgently.

"It will be another generation of Minhaj," one doctor said.